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Click picture for full info about this 'Las Vegas Welcome Road Sign' by Beathen.

Welcome to Las Vegas' On-Line Photo and Poster Store!

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If you're in need of Las Vegas photos, posters and canvas art - you've come to the right place.
With 835 great Las Vegas & Gambling art-pieces to choose from, you're sure to find what you want.

Let Vegas Vic show you around and explain our on-line art store.
The Largest, On-Line, Las Vegas Photo Selection ever assembled!

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Click picture or link for full info about this 'Warhol Las Vegas Sign' by Juan Martico.

Here, you'll find hundreds of the absolute best Vegas photos and art pieces available anywhere. We've got
everything you're looking for, in numerous different choices, sizes and prices. Plain or custom-framed.

Need paper posters for your college dorm room, or custom matted & framed canvas artwork for your home or office?
You're going to see the biggest and best selection of Las Vegas art and styles to suit your every need. Guaranteed!


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This 1942 photo, titled 'Playing the Roulette Wheel in a Las Vegas Club' (by Time-Life Photographer Peter Stackpole)
is from Art.com's incredible 10,000+ image LIFE Magazine Photo Collection. It's available in four sizes from 16" x 12"
all the way to 40" x 30" & can be purchased as a Photo-Print, a Premium Silver-Pearlescent Print or on Stretched Canvas.

The Life Magazine - Las Vegas Collection

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This 25 image photo-gallery shows some classic pictures available from the LIFE Magazine Picture Collection.
Press any thumbnail image to see the larger picture - plus all assorted sizes and prices for each piece.

Blackjack Game in Progress at Las Vegas Club Playing the Roulette Wheel in a Las Vegas Club Gambling Establishments and Clubs Lining the Street Actor Clowning with Dancing Girls During Nightlife in Las Vegas Sparkling Girls Dancing on Stage During Las Vegas Nightlife Boom

The Golden Nugget in Las Vegas Since 1905 The Grand Strip of Las Vegas Lighting Up Las Vegas Chorus Girl Kim Smith at the Swimming Pool in the Sands Hotel Faro Game in Progress in Las Vegas Casino Wheel of Chance at Las Vegas Club

Playing the Roulette Wheel in a Las Vegas Club Blackjack Game in Progress at Las Vegas Club Craps Table Set Up at Town House Gambling Casino Women Playing Slot Machines at Las Vegas Club Wheel of Chance at Las Vegas Club

Silver Slipper Sign in Las Vegas Jayne Mansfield, Rita Moreno, Gloria Paul Gambling at Dunes Casino. Las Vegas, 1955 Las Vegas Chorus Showgirls Performing at the Dunes Nightclub Las Vegas Chorus Showgirls Backstage During a Performance Las Vegas Chorus Showgirls Performing at the Sahara Nightclub

Chorus Girl Gambling at Riviera Hotel Entertainer Dean Martin Running Game of Blackjack at a Casino Police Guarding $500,000 in Silver in a Gambling Casino Blackjack is a Moneymaking Gambling Game in the Gambling Halls Coin Wrappers Littering the Floor at a Gambling Hall

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Our InOldLasVegas.com Gallery Images are specially selected from over Fifty World Famous Special Collections - from
publisher collections such as the LIFE Collection, Associated Press, Library of Congress, Smithsonian Archives & dozens
of other highly esteemed publishing companies. We also provide you with the very best images from the individual photo
and poster collections of hundreds of great photographers and illustrators. Bringing you the most choices available.

By clicking further thru our website you'll see our other great galleries of Old and New Las Vegas Casinos,
along with beautiful Black & White and Full Color prints of our superb assortment of Gambler's Art.

Dean Martin Dealing Blackjack and Las Vegas Showgirl Gambling Banner.

Left: Showgirl Playing Craps at the Riviera Right: Dean Martin Dealing Blackjack at the Sands Casino.

Vegas Poster.

Las Vegas Chorus Girl, Kim Smith, and Her Roommate after Leaving a Casino.

Las Vegas Photos and Art From Over 150 Special Collections

High Quality Wall Art

Prints on Pink and White Walls.

Over 175 Deluxe Frame Choices

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You can order simple posters - plain & ready to thumbtack to your dorm room or apartment walls - or chose elegant,
custom matted prints in infinite arrangements - encased in glass or acrylic, with frames suitable for home or office.

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Photo and Art Frames - Banner 19.

You can choose from 175 styles of Wood frames (Walnut, Pecan, Mahogany, etc) or in Metal frames
(Silver, Pewter, Gold, Bronze, Painted) - in styles ranging from Modern Soho to Antique & Baroque.

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Prints can be ordered plain, or printed on Premium Silver-Pearlescent paper, and are even available
printed onto high-quality Stretched Canvas backing - making them worthy of any wall. The choices are yours.
Whether you're decorating simply or placing art into your personal gallery - you can order the quality to fit your needs.

This 80 second video shows the care and craftsmanship given to your order!

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All art pieces come printed on Standard Poster Paper, as Premium Archival Prints or on Artist Grade Canvas.

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Be sure to see our Design Page filled with beautiful, Framed Las Vegas Wall Art - where Art.com's
Interior Designer gives smart advice on how to choose and arrange pictures for your every room.

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Vegas Art Arrangement & Interior Design Videos

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Huge Las Vegas Murals for Entire Walls.

These Las Vegas Strip Murals can fill a large wall-space at sizes of 6 x 4 feet and 12 x 8 feet.

More New Vegas Photos - Banner 1.

Welcome to Las Vegas with Airplane

This unique photo is available in one size only: 27.5" x 19.5". Most all others are available up to 30x40 inches.

Las Vegas Posters, Prints and Photos - Banner 7 - Desert Inn Employees.

'What a Big Casino Needs to Run for a Single Night is Shown by Desert Inn Employees'

This J.R. Eyerman photo first appeared in the June 21st, 1950 issue of LIFE Magazine after the Desert Inn's
April 24th Grand Opening as the fifth major hotel-casino on the Las Vegas Strip (preceeded by the 1941 El Rancho,
the 1942 Last Frontier, the 1946 Flamingo and the 1948 Thunderbird). Unlike those earlier hotels, which all had
'square' shaped swimming pools, the Desert Inn was the first to use a new, curved styling. Curved versus Square.

To read more of the History of Old Las Vegas (or see photos & videos) visit our parent website: In Old Las Vegas.com.

Architects, artists, researchers, scholars, writers, film-makers and publishers, etc., should also visit our friends at the Lied Library
UNLV Special Collections Department to search their vast collection of photos, drawings, maps, menus, advertising, ephemera,
audios and rare manuscripts. They're located at 987 E. Harmon Avenue (near the Hard Rock) and open 9am-5pm Monday-Friday.

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