Like it or not, this seems to be what's on the mind of Las Vegas sports fans around the globe!

1. Good job, Raiders

Good job, Raiders

It's no secret that Las Vegas Raiders fans take a lot of crap from the rest of the NFL community and one has to start wondering whether they still deserve it. Sure, Raider Nation is a rowdy bunch known to get drunk, party, and maybe fight on occasion, but that passion helped propel the team through some dark moments throughout the roller coaster 2021 season. Fans stuck with this team through a DUI incident, losing their head coach, multiple losing streaks, and some heartbreaking defeats.

As Sports Illustrated says, "the world quit on the Las Vegas Raiders, they didn't quit on themselves... Raiders fans in the Las Vegas raiders real fan page on Facebook gave themselves a well-deserved pat on the back for sticking with their team all season. They definitely deserve it too after all they have been through together. This team and this fanbase didn't give up on themselves, leading to something truly magical in 2022."

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